Aknicare SR Skin Roller 5ML

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The 100% guaranteed acne treatment solution for acne. Medically licensed and Clinically proven to successfully get rid of Medical and Cosmetic acne.

Clinical trials have been highly successful on hospital referred patients who did not respond to GP prescribed and chemist products.

  • Clinically proven over 80% success rates
  • 100’s of success stories from real users
  • Recommended by top dermatologist and President of the UK Acne Charity, Professor Tony Chu from Imperial College Hospitals London, who is world expert in the treatment of all aspects of acne.

Don’t waste time, don’t mess about, the results are guaranteed.

  • Less and less new spots every day
  • Old spots disappear within days
  • Inflamed spots calmed quickly
  • Acne causing bacteria destroyed much faster than antibiotics
  • Clear blemish free, fresh bright skin
  • Oil production reduced by over 50% on average and up to 68% in clinical studies

Aknicare® Skin Roller is a medical device for zapping spots and is highly effective and fast acting.

It contains the active oil reducers, anti-inflammatories and anti-bacteria’s found in Aknicare® Lotion, to provide fast relief in reducing existing spots. It also reduces inflammation in two ways and reduces bacterial levels without breeding superbugs. 

  •     Rapid Acting Spot Zapper
  •     FAST Pain Reducer
  •     Redness and Inflammation Reduced within hours
  •     Inflammation Calmed Quickly
  •     Acne causing Bacteria Dead
  •     Clear skin

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