Once A Week Weekly Deodorant (3' Wipes)

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Once A Week (OAW) weekly deodorant wipe is the world's first weekly form of deodorant. OAW is the ultimate answer to ALL natural body odors. By tracing back to the source, OAW was developed to correctly solve body odor problems with precision. OAW is the world's first and only water-based deodorant of which more than 80% is water. Watever you do, OAW protects you. 

OAW safeguards you with week-long protection without any disruption even after series of excessive sweating such as from heavy workout, hiking, cycling, swimming, skiiing, dancing, bathing, etc…

With OAW, you will enjoy everything to the fullest, stress-free with confidence for days ahead.

  • Zero-Stickiness
  • 100% Water-soluble
  • 100% Alcohol-free
  • 100% Aluminium-free
  • Stain-free
  • Colorless
  • Fragrance-free
  • Does not clog pores
  • Suitable for ALL skin types, is gentle to sensitive skin and has been clinically tested
  • A U.S FDA's VCRP product. Clinically tested


1 wipe for 1 application to efficiently produce weeklong protection. 

Application ambience: In-door and avoid of any sunlight.

Application: Use damp towel to clean odorous skin area. Then, targed skin area must be cool and dry before gently rubbing on. Application must be through over targed skin area to be effective. 


Aqua>85%, Propylene Glycol, Lactic acid, Glycerol, Potash Alum, Lactobacillus Ferment.

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